JNV, Korba (C.G.)
JNV, Korba (C.G.)
Soprts & Game Achievers

Games and Sports are encouraged in JNVs to develop fitness, physical and neuromuscular skills and to promote the spirit of cooperation and sportsman. Apart from the same, young talents are identified at an early stage and are helped to excel in their chosen field by specialized coaching through PETs / SAI Coaches at selected venues. Samiti organizes school level, cluster level, regional level and national level competitions in sports and games every year. Specialized course like, Archery, Judo and Gymnastic are also encouraged in some of the JNVs situated in the tribal areas of the country where the same are popular sports. Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti is a state under School Games Federation of India and the Navodaya National teams compete with other state teams under SGFI banner. The progress made by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti on sports front is commendable.

  Name Class Game Achievement Details Year
JNV KORBA Fanibhushan PatelIX-A BadmintonNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Puspendra Singh KanwarIX-A BadmintonNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Aditi KanwarVIII-A BasketballNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Priyanka SahuX-B BasketballNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Karuna KanwarX-B BasketballNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Ashish RajVIII-A BasketballNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Ajay KhandeyVIII-A BasketballSGFI 2017-18
JNV KORBA Setu RajbhanuX-B BasketballNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Mahakaleshwar KanwarVII-A TakewandoNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Rishita KanwarVI-B TakewandoSGFI 2017-18
JNV KORBA Hina KanwarVI-A TakewandoNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Pratha YogiVI-A TakewandoNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Rajanti KanwarVIII-B Kho-KhoNational 2017-18
JNV KORBA Khusbu BaxlaVII-B Kho-KhoNational 2017-18

JNV Korba - Basketball
JNV Korba - Badminton
JNV Korba - Kho Kho
JNV Korba - Kabaddi

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