JNV, Korba (C.G.)
JNV, Korba (C.G.)
Migration Policy

The one of the objectives of the Samiti is to promote National Integration through effective implementation of its Migration Policy. The following points are suggested in this regard:

  • Success of migration depends upon the social and emotional integration, hospitality and personal care towards migrated students.
  • Students of Class VIII are to be encouraged to communicate with their counterparts in the linked JNV for migration by briefing about the various activities in the Vidyalaya.
  • A documentary video film related to the important places in the district/state/region may be shared with the linked JNV.
  • A brief note about the cultural background of the students may be forwarded to the linked JNV to have better understanding of the students.
  • On any account, comments related to the background/culture/ community/caste/region should not be made by the staff and students. Principals have to ensure the same for the smooth functioning of migration scheme.
  • The migrated students should be provided with all the opportunities for their social and emotional integration, local exchange of culture and traditions by involving them in all the activities of the Vidyalaya like cultural shows, dance, drama, literary and club activities, games and sports, visit to historical places, festival celebrations, based on their potential, aptitude and interest etc.
  • Other arrangements to be made are:
    • Timely selection of students for migration as per NVS norms in March itself.
    • Proper motivation of selected students and their parents.
    • Proper reservation in respect of to and fro journey well in advance to ensure safe and comfortable journey. It should be ensured that the students reach the linked JNV on the re-opening day itself.
    • Forwarding the details of students well in advance.
    • Intimating the date and time of departure/arrival of the team to the counterpart JNV to make necessary arrangement.
    • Arrangement to be made to receive the students.
    • Providing all the necessary materials like bed, daily use items, etc., on the day of arrival and ensuring comfortable stay.
    • Organizing friendship day.
    • A briefing session by the Principal regarding do’s and don’ts and safety measures to be undertaken.
    • Arrangement is also to be made to communicate with the parent JNV/parents regarding welfare of the students.
    • Text books and uniform are to be issued to the migrated students by the parent JNV.

Report on migration is to be submitted to the Regional Office within 10 days of re-opening of JNV after summer vacation.

Mini Migration Policy
  • To be decided well in advance on the basis of selection criteria for admission in class XI.
  • Approval is to be sought from NVS R.O., before sending the students.
  • Permitted, only when eligible for the stream opted by the student and parent.
  • Mini-migration to other JNV to continue studies in class XI is allowed only when the concerned stream is not available in the parent JNV.
  • Mini-migrated students are to be treated at par with own students by the host JNV.
  • All the documents including personal file are to be forwarded by the parent JNV to the JNV where admission is confirmed.
  • Movement of the student is to be intimated well in advance to arrange for comfortable accommodation.
  • Host JNV (JNV where admission is sought) is fully responsible for providing textbooks, uniform, bedding items etc.

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