JNV, Korba (C.G.)
JNV, Korba (C.G.)
  • Integration of Information and Communication Technology with teaching-learning process makes the class room transaction more vibrant, lively, interesting, resourceful and interactive. Therefore, subject teachers should make best use of ICT to enhance their effectiveness and to sustain the interest of the students.
  • All the teachers are to be trained to handle the systems at the school level itself by the computer faculty. If any staff member is not yet trained in effective handling of the computers, the principal of the concerned school should make arrangements for his/her training without affecting the academic activities of the Vidyalaya.
  • AT least 40 to 50 % of relevant topics in each subject to be integrated with ICT.
  • Teachers should be encouraged to develop their own e- lessons instead of using the ready made CDs commercially available.
  • Arrangements to be made to have computer clubs by involving the interested staff and students to encourage creativity.
  • At least two periods for each subject in each class are to be earmarked for ICT. The same is to be mentioned in the time – table to have proper planning.
  • Competitions related to ICT are to be regularly conducted and winners are to be suitably rewarded so that the same will motivate others. Further, the students and staff are to be motivated to participate in different competitions which are being conducted at State / National / International levels.
  • World Computer Literacy Day to be observed on 2nd December.
  • Facilities available in JNVs are to be used to the optimum level, which includes LCD projector and Laptop . Laptop is to be made available to all the staff for the implementation of ICT.
  • Students and staff are to be exposed to online education website to improve the quality of teaching –learning process.
  • Special mention of the contribution of teachers related to ICT is to be mentioned in ACR of the concerned teachers.
  • Workshops and seminars are to be organized by inviting renowned resource persons from outside.
  • Vidyalaya library may be fully computerized by making use of suitable software.
  • Computer lab will be used as language lab with installation of suitable software and teachers will be provided training to make effective use of language lab to enhance students’ communication skills.
  • A showcasing of use of ICT in teaching learning process, projects prepared by students and teachers will be done on 2nd December to have sharing of the resources and knowledge.
  • During the panel inspection, the lessons taught with ICT are to be submitted.

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