JNV, Korba (C.G.)
JNV, Korba (C.G.)
Developing Communication Skills

In this world of Information & Communication Technology and globalization, English has become the international language of business and communication. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the students of Navodaya to be proficient in all the four basic skills namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) which are of paramount importance. Deliberate steps should be taken to nurture effective communication.

Although different approaches and methodologies are available for effective teaching of English, it is advisable to adopt Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach in English in all classes so as to provide an opportunity for learner to acquire proficiency freely in all the four major skills as this approach provides enough scope for integration of skills rather than teaching a skill in isolation. Classroom activities that develop learners’ ability to express themselves through communication would therefore seem an important component of a language course. Hence, teachers may design and administer more and more activities.

A few ways to develop Communicative skills in students:

  • Effective classroom management in language class by the teacher.
  • Activities for strengthening communicative skills like role play / seminar / panel discussion / debate / dialogue / picture description / pick & speak / interview / extempore / elocution etc., should be taken up in pair / group / whole class / whole school regularly.
  • The role of English Literary Club (ELC) in particular and other clubs in general should function effectively for creating enough opportunities and situations for students to acquire proficiency in the language.
  • School Assembly should be a forum for developing public communication skills within the given time, apart from teachers speaking effectively on important occasions for effective models and guest speakers could be arranged for this purpose.

Regular use of Audio/Video, TV should be exploited for learning the skills of the language. Regular viewing of TV programmes like News, Talk show, Panel Discussion, Interview may help to learn the language effectively. The students may be involved in the following activities to foster Communication Skills:

  • Oral Fluency Activities (Pronunciation, Intonation, Pause, Stress, articulation, modulation)
  • Discussion Activities
  • Describing pictures (b) Drawing inferences, conclusions, Moral, Change the Closure etc.
  • Interactional talk, Courtesy and Social etiquette, Storytelling, jokes, describing a person, Place etc., Book review, Short talk, Lecture, Dialogues, Plays, Simulations, Role play, Debate etc.

The teacher should facilitate the students, create the environment, provide real-time exposure, harmonious interaction, should not criticize, instead provide feedback, motivate to express themselves, allow the usage of mother tongue in lower classes, minimize in higher classes. Therefore, deliberate attempt should be made to expose the students on various ways for learning the language and use it effectively. To achieve this, Language Committee Meetings should be held periodically and a suitable environment should be created in the JNV for the improvement of communication skills.

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