JNV, Korba (C.G.)
JNV, Korba (C.G.)

Co-curricular activities supplement and compliment the curricular activities. Performance in CCA is an important indicator of the quality of the students and the academic inputs. Hence, high quality of performance and organization should be ensured. Sufficient time has to be given to students for preparing for the CCA. Invariably the CCA should be organized as Inter House Competitions and points recorded appropriately and also displayed on the ‘CCA Bulletin Board’. These competitions add charm and boost the House spirit which is very much essential in a residential setup. The Principals who are more experienced should be able to lead and guide in proper organization of CCA. The list of CCA to be organized during the year should be defined in the institutional plan to give no room for manipulations. To manage time, these activities may be conducted in sync with the celebration of important festivals, Days and occasions. AEP activities need not be conducted in isolation; instead they may be embedded in CCA Inter House and Pace Setting activities. A register for CCA should be maintained to record Notices, draw of lots, allotment of duties on the day of competitions, results of the event, etc. The sequence of steps in organizing a CCA should be scrupulously followed to ensure fairness and quality.

Activities identified should cover all the areas which ensure development of holistic personality. CCA should be conducted on regular basis once in a week by ensuring maximum participation of students. The concerned teachers/HMs/AHMs should be available for objective assessment of the participants. Here are some of the activities suggested for effective implementation:

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